Tax audit

Tax audit


We support you on the following points:

Advice on the examination arrangement and development of a strategy
Participation in the company audit and final meeting
Opinion on the audit report of the tax office

We accompany you during any tax audit which has been ordered by the tax office.

Companies are often affected by a tax audit or an external audit by the tax office. The tax office decides when and where the tax audit will take place by means of an audit order. In principle, the company audit should take place in the premises of the company’s business which is being audited. In exceptional cases, the tax audit can take place at the law office of the lawyer or on the premises of the tax office. As a specialist law firm, we are at your side before, during and after the company audit.

The taxpayer can object to the order of the tax audit. The tax office can in principle order an audit without a special reason. The tax audit serves the purpose of checking the correct taxation. In exceptional cases, ordering an audit can be illegal. The Federal Fiscal Court has decided that ordering a tax audit is illegal for individual cases if it counts as arbitrary and bullying. In this case, you should hire a tax lawyer to appeal the exam order.

In the examination order, the tax office decides which matters should be examined. You should have the documents ready and hire a lawyer who is specialized in tax law, who will advise you before the tax audit. During the tax audit, the tax inspector examines the documents, receipts and the bookkeeping. Your tax returns and income-surplus bills are available to the auditor before the exam. During the audit in your business premises, the auditor then evaluates the documents and your accounts and then presents his tax conclusions from the point of view of the tax office. It is then possible for the taxpayer to comment on the result of the external audit. If the tax office changes its fiscal decisions for decisions for the years preceding a tax audit, it is possible to appeal against the tax notices.

If, in the opinion of the auditor, the documents and vouchers are not provided or the bookkeeping is incomplete, the tax office can estimate the tax matters. The estimate is only possible in certain conditions. The prevention of the assessment of income by the tax office and the support during the tax audit by our law firm safeguards your tax interests, so that the result of the tax audit has no negative effects.

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