Tax returns and annual accounts

Tax returns and annual accounts


We make the following statements for our clients:

Income tax return
Commercial tax return
Corporate tax return
VAT return
Declaration on separate and uniform determination of income
Inheritance and gift tax return

Our law firm takes care of our clients’ tax returns and annual accounts. To submit a tax return, companies and those who those who are requested to do so by the tax office are obliged to submit a tax return. Individual businesses and partnerships must submit income tax returns.

Traders are also obliged to submit a trade tax return. Freelancers do not have to pay trade tax and therefore do not have to make a tax return.

Corporations must also make a tax return. They do not pay income tax but must pay corporation tax.

In addition to monthly VAT returns, entrepreneurs must also submit an annual VAT tax return.

We check the tax assessments of the tax office for possible legal errors. We appeal to them if the tax office sets a tax that is too high.

We prepare annual accounts for corporations. Corporations are required under commercial law to prepare annual financial statements. Depending on the size of the corporation, the annual financial statements are extensive.

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