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Tax returns and annual accounts
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Our law firm offers tax consultancy services to companies of all legal forms. Our clients are trading companies, corporations and individual businesses.

Our clients are organized as partnerships like an general partnership (Offene Handelsgesellschaft, OHG) or a limited partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft, KG). We also look after corporations like the classic GmbH.

Our clients come from the retail, insurance and service sectors as well as the advertising and industrial sectors. There are differences in taxation for individual businesses, partnerships and corporations.

We are partners for family businesses and provide individual services for our clients. We not only provide classic tax advice services, but also take care of corporate succession.

Partnerships and individual businesses do not pay corporation tax but do have to pay income tax. Partnerships are commercial companies such as the partnership of German civil law (GbR), OHGs, GmbHs or GmbH & Co. KGs. The profit of the partnership is determined for tax purposes. Then the profits of the companies are formed according to the quota agreed in the partnership agreement. Depending on his share of the profit, the partner must then pay income tax. Individual businesses also pay income tax.

Corporate tax is paid by corporations. These are, for example, GmbHs and AGs (Public Limited Company). The corporate tax rate for corporations is 15%.

Commercial companies are also subject to trade tax (Gewerbesteuer). Only commercial businesses pay trade tax. A trade is any economic activity that is carried out for one’s own account and responsibility, with unlimited duration and with the intention of making a profit. This does not include agricultural and freelance work.

Our law firm takes over the ongoing payroll and financial accounting, as well as the tax returns and the annual accounts, for you. The additional offer of legal work creates added value for our clients.

Our law firm relies on electronic workflows and central servers which can also be accessed locally. The exchange of accounting documents is done electronically. The account statements of our clients are made available directly in the the financial accounting department by the DATEV programs. This ensures a safe and efficient form of work process

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