Remuneration according to the lawyer's remuneration law

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Remuneration according to the lawyer's remuneration law

The German lawyer’s remuneration law (RVG) regulates the lawyer’s fee. If there is no agreement on remuneration between the lawyer and the client, the provisions of the RVG apply.

Remuneration stipulated by law
Difficult to understand for clients
The law regulates binding fees

Advantages are that the lawyer’s fee is regulated by law. The law contains provisions on the out-of-court and judicial representation of lawyers. All areas of law are also covered. The client can have the appropriateness and amount of the fee checked in court proceedings in the event of a conflict over the remuneration.

In civil law and tax law, the statutory fees are based on the value of the item. The individual calculation of the remuneration is complicated. However, the general rule is that the fee increases if the item value increases. The object value is the value that the client demands and wants to sue. It is also called the value in dispute. There is also a fee rate, which is multiplied by the respective amount that is listed in the RVG’s annex.

In criminal law, so-called amount framework fees apply. You specify a range in euros that is owed for a stage of the procedure. In most cases, an average between the lowest and highest is used to calculate to calculate the amount of the fee.

There are numerous calculators for lawyer remuneration on the internet. You can gain an initial orientation for the calculation of a lawyer’s fee.

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