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Our law firm supports freelancers. In addition to the classic liberal professions such as doctors and dentists, lawyers and notaries, engineers and architects as well as journalists, we also provide financial and payroll accounting services to artists, writers and actors.

Our law firm takes over the ongoing payroll and financial accounting, as well as the tax returns and the annual accounts. The additional offer of legal work creates added value for our clients.

There are some tax peculiarities for freelancers. Freelancers do not pay trade tax. Their activity is not considered commercial, so there is no trade tax liability. Freelancers can also not operate a commercial enterprise.

Freelancers do not pay corporate tax like corporations. If they have been established as a civil or partnership company, they will have to pay income tax. The profit of the partnership is determined for tax purposes. Then the profits of the companies are formed according to the quota agreed in the partnership agreement. Depending on their division of the profit, the partner then has to pay income tax.

Our law firm relies on electronic workflows and central servers which can also be accessed locally. The exchange of accounting documents is done electronically. The account statements of our clients are made available directly in the financial accounting department by the by the DATEV programs. This ensures a safe and efficient form of work process.

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