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Our fixed prices offer you transparency and the ability to plan financially when having a lawyer found companies and create general terms and conditions (GTC) on your behalf. Our specialisation in company and commercial law enables us to support you effectively and efficiently during the founding of your company with a flat fee. This provides our clients with transparency and manageable costs right from the get go.

We offer the following services in founding a GmbHUG haftungsbeschränkt (limited liability), German joint stock company (AG), German civil law partnership (GbR), German general partnership (OHG), German limited partnership (KG), GmbH Co. KG, German partnership company (PartG), and a German partnership company with limited professional liability (PartGmbB), each at a fixed price.

We are also able to create employment contracts for both employees and management staff and general terms and conditions for your company at a fixed price.

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