Tax investigation search

Tax investigation search


Our law firm will review and represent you by:

Our presence and support during the search
A review of the legality of the search warrant
Filing a judicial complaint against the search warrant

In tax evasion proceedings, a search can be carried out on the suspect’s homes and business premises.

The search order is a means in the investigation. An order of the search is admissible if there is a possibility that the search will serve to find evidence. The search is carried out by tax investigators. The tax investigation department can seize evidence. Often, extensive business documents are seized from companies which are also relevant to the criminal tax procedure and which are required for ongoing business activities. Computers and other data media are also confiscated during a tax evasion search.

The rights of the accused can be protected by the participation of a lawyer who specializes in criminal tax law. In particular, the type and necessity of seizing documents and IT can be influenced. The seizure can be contradicted. The lawyer can lodge a complaint against the search warrant and have the seized documents and computers released.

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