Our law firm advises founders and start-ups not only during but even before starting-up a business. We point out the legal and tax peculiarities of the form and branch of your company. Risks are recognized by a lawyer specializing in commercial law even before our clients start a business. This means that consequences of liability and financial losses can be avoided from the outset.

It is important to find the appropriate legal form for the company. A GmbH is traditionally used as a company for the legal form. There are also other options. There are separate forms of company, especially for freelancers. The choice of legal form can be changed afterwards, but the legal form should be considered regarding the long-term development of the company. Finally, the personal liability of those starting a business holding company shares must also be avoided. Due to our specialization in corporate law, we find the right legal form for start-ups.

Our business start-up advice shows the individual tax advantages and disadvantages of the chosen company form. There are large differences in taxation between corporations such as a GmbH and partnerships such as an OHG. These have a tax impact on the company as well as on the shareholders of the company itself. Our law firm guarantees advice from a tax lawyer to avoid difficulties and risks.

Individual legal restrictions must also be considered when founding companies. A large part of economic activity is regulated by law. Certain types of company are not available to individual occupational groups. There are different restrictions for the area of trade, technology to crafts.

Start-up advice

Start-up advice is funded nationwide. The amount of the individual funding depends on the individual federal states and cooperation partners. We are happy to take on the application for advice on legal and tax advice for your business start-up. We also cooperate with external business consultants who draw up business plans and take over liquidity planning.

There are various options for financing. In addition to financing with equity, there are other financial options. We draft contracts with lenders. If you need a start-up loan, we will take care of the organization and application to the various financial institutions.

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