Statutory remuneration for tax consultant services

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The German tax adviser remuneration regulation (StbVV) regulates the remuneration of the tax adviser. All services that can be provided by tax consultants are recorded there. It only applies to the traditional services of the tax consultant and does not include, for example, business advice.

Remuneration stipulated by law
Standard cases are easy to deal with
The law regulates binding fees

Tax consultants are obliged to bill their services only according to the StbVV. Deviating agreements are ineffective. The StbVV regulates the advisory activities as well as the ongoing bookkeeping and sales tax advance registrations, and finally the annual financial statements, along with the declarations on income tax, corporation tax and trade tax.

The StbVV contains so-called value fees. For example, this is a company’s annual profit. The higher the item value, for example the profit achieved in the year of the fee calculation, the higher the remuneration of the tax consultant. In addition, there is the fee rate, which is multiplied by the value determined in the annex to the StbVV.

The remuneration in the StbVV is complex. The client will not be able to understand the level of the individual fees without prior knowledge. The advantage, however, is that the fees can be checked in court. A similar case therefore has the same fees.

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